Performance Management

Exclusive: Against the odds

Her journey to the top was not an easy one. Irene Ang, CEO, FLY Entertainment, shares the factors that contributed to her success.
HRM Asia - 15 Feb 2016
There’s a lot of pressure on HR and people managers tend to focus on what’s most near and pressing. This can result in frustration and a loss of purpose. Guest contributor Gurunath Hari says the concept of “peakism” provides a rallying point for organisational leaders to recalibrate how they should nurture performance.
HRM Asia - 10 Feb 2015
Jean Martin, Executive Director, HR Practices, CEB and Shaurav Sen, Executive Director, Southeast Asia, CEB, share insights on how staff should handle negative feedback at work.
Sham Majid - 27 Jan 2015
In today’s ultra-competitive working world, employees are picking up new skills and immersing themselves in a wide array of positions to remain relevant and adaptable. HRM investigates how companies are facilitating these endless career roadmaps
- 13 Jan 2015
Manpower is a scarce resource in most SMEs. Automating routine HR processes, employee services and menial tasks has helped Timbre Group channel its employees’ time and efforts towards more meaningful pursuits
HRM Asia - 17 Dec 2014
Asking employees to rate their own performance has been a common part of organisational performance appraisals for many years. But guest contributor Dick Grote, author of How to be Good at Performance Appraisals, says they can cause more harm than good
HRM Asia - 04 Dec 2014
Is mastering technology enough to succeed?