Getting into the act

As demand for science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills continues to rise, organisations are pushing through with new strategies to cultivate a dynamic and work-ready community.
Naadiah Badib - 04 Apr 2016
Employers sometimes need to fill job positions quickly, but this always increases the risk of a hiring error. HRM learns how HR departments should approach the selection process to have a better impact on their workforces.
HRM Asia - 17 Jun 2015
Recruitment markets are in the midst of a revolution right now, as talent acquisition technology changes the ways both hirers and potential recruits operate. Daniel Russell, director of human capital at Deloitte Consulting, explores the latest trends
- 14 Apr 2015
Changing priorities, new market pressures and rising competition are changing the way companies hire. HRM shows you how to stay ahead of the recruitment curve
HRM Asia - 03 Mar 2015
Sifting through hundreds of résumés for a single position both quickly and fairly can be one of the toughest jobs in HR. Femke Hellemons, Country Manager, Adecco Singapore offers this advice
HRM Asia - 27 Feb 2015
Sanjay Modi, Managing Director for (India, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong), shares how firms can unearth precocious talents through analytics.
HRM Asia - 25 Feb 2015
Organisations that want to hire the best talent need to adopt a more strategic and long term approach towards their recruitment process, writes Wendy Cheong, Practice Director - Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences & Engineering, Berkley Recruitment Group