“Flexing” the schedules

The rigid working shackles are off for many employees as organisations embark on formulating flexible working policies. However, how can firms go about crafting its own flexi-work practices without compromising on productivity? HRM finds out
HRM Asia - 18 Feb 2015
We are at the cusp of another festive season - Lunar New Year. Like celebrating Christmas or other festivals, the lead up can certainly be a scramble, with many jobs to do, and we have to finish our work commitments too.
- 16 Jan 2015
In today’s tight labour market, work-life strategies are no longer just good-to-have, but an important edge for companies to recruit and retain talent. HRM learns how flexi-work arrangements can help improve both employee satisfaction and productivity
- 05 Jan 2015
Non-monetary benefits might be the key to employee happiness
HRM Asia - 31 Dec 2014
When considering adapting flexible working schemes, the question that HR executives faces is how to identify which of the candidates can adapt to such an environment. It would be extremely helpful if we could list one or two traits that a candidate should possess to help foster a culture of flexibility in the organisation