Scanning the environment

While Ademco Security Group offers a plethora of security products and systems, the organisation also crafts strategies to spur employees to greater heights.

Ninety percent of the business model of Ademco Security Group, a company specialising in security solutions, comprises of devising customised systems for clients.

Meanwhile, the remaining 10% consists of the man-guarding business.

However, it is this 10% group which continues to gnaw at Toby Koh, Group Managing Director at Ademco (pictured above), which boasts of a staff strength of more than 400 employees across more than 20 cities in Singapore, Malaysia, China, the Philippines, Indonesia and India.

The security sector in Singapore has recently been placed under the spotlight, with firms lamenting the high turnover rates and low retention levels among security employees.

Factors such as low pay, long hours, and boredom make the security profession unpalatable.

Koh concedes there are fundamental issues plaguing the guarding industry.

“Nobody ever grows up wanting to be a security guard.