Lower pay raises and bonuses in 2016

The outlook for Malaysian employees remains bleak in 2017, with salary increase and bonus forecast dropping slightly below this year’s rates.  

Malaysian employers gave lower salary increments and bonuses to employees this year.

In 2016, only 63% of respondent companies granted bonuses to white-collar workers, down 11.5% from 2015, the 2016 Malaysia Employers Federation (MEF) Salary Surveys for Executives and Non-Executives found.

Similarly, for non-executives or blue-collar workers, only 61.3% were given bonuses, down from 72.6% in 2015.

The outlook for 2017, according to the survey, will be just as bleak, said MEF President Tan Sri Azman Shah Haron.

The overall average forecast salary increase for executives in 2017 will be slightly lower at 5.3% compared to 5.55% in 2016.

"It also forecast lower salary increase for non-executives at 5.43% in 2017 compared with 5.51% in 2016," said Azman Shah at the launch of the MEF survey.