Getting into the groove

Momentum is a powerful force in the physical world. Once something is moving, it needs an equal force to stop it. Social researcher and HR Summit and Expo Asia 2017 keynote presenter Michael McQueen says the same is often true in business. In this exclusive HRM Asia preview, he explains the extra value behind getting “on a roll”.

Isaac Newton’s first law of motion says a moving object will only change speed or direction if another, new force acts upon it.  Once it is on its trajectory, it takes an equal or greater combination of mass and velocity to slow it down.

This power of momentum can also be seen in sports – there’s nothing like a winning streak to make your football team look and feel invincible, as if each subsequent goal or win is a little easier.

And it’s also evident in the world of business.

There, teams and organisations that get “on a roll,” where everyone is aligned and everything seems to work just right, might be seen as lucky.  But there is actually nothing random about this momentum – it is something that organisations work hard to build and then maintain over the longer term.