Bureaucracy Buster

So you think your organisation is “serious” about innovation? Professor Gary Hamel, one of the world’s most influential business thinkers and keynote presenter at HR Summit Asia 2017, sets an extremely high bar. He says truly serious innovation requires a complete overhaul of the traditional management model.

Professor Gary Hamel doesn’t look or act like the famed business disruptors that have inspired his career. There is none of Richard Branson’s upstart brashness, Steve Jobs’ geek chic, or Bill Gates’ competitive aggression. Rather, Professor Hamel looks more at home in the traditional academic setting, seemingly in line with his PhD qualifications and heavy focus on research.

But the subject of that research is anything but traditional. Professor Hamel is at the forefront of thought leadership when it comes to the innovation and creativity that organisations in the digital age are craving.

“Virtually every CEO on the planet will tell you their organisations are not changing as fast as they need to at the moment,” he tells HRM Asia. “It’s no longer about whether you have a competitive advantage at any one point in time – but how you can sustain an advantage over time.