Apple to pay out S$2.9 million settlement to employees

Some 21,000 of Apple's California store employees alleged in a recently settled lawsuit that they were denied meal and rest breaks, and issued late paychecks. 

A class action lawsuit filed in 2011 between Apple and employees at its California stores, finally concluded recently, when the technology company was ordered to pay out a total of US$2 million (S$2.9 million) in restitution to all 21,000 workers named in the suit.

The lawsuit had alleged that Apple failed to provide workers adequate meal and rest breaks, as well as punctual payments to former employees.

It also claimed that the company did not provide accurate salary statements.

As a result, employees said they worked for more than five hours straight without being able to have their meals, while receiving no additional pay for missing their meal breaks.

Apple claimed it did not waive its staff’s rights to either a meal or rest break, and they were more than entitled to take that time off.

A San Diego jury in December sided with the employees, awarding them a settlement of US$2 million.